Website optimization for a better conversion rate is a sensible business move. A good start to having a clean website or webpage is  that can be loaded quickly and where you can quickly get the necessary and relevant informations that you are looking for and also with a user friendly navigation. There are a few basic steps that you must be aware of or rather take care of when it comes to the successful development of a website. If Google places your website within the top three to five, then you can definitely be sure that your webpage has been successful in its own creative path. Follow these suggestions to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and watch your webpage make its placement among one of the top searched sites : –

1) Relevant Content– Quality content is the number one driver that will help your webpage to reach its destination of success. Always keep in mind that your webpage is created for the user. He or she must be able to get the relevant information that they are looking for. So make sure to attract the readers by using highlighted terms in bold or italics. Keep the writing skill simple and avoid using a large number of difficult terms because a webpage must be readable to everyone.  Remember, your readers trust you for their informations.

Try using user friendly terms to maintain an immediate connection with the readers. 

2) Improvised content– A proper and impressive content is the guardian of any webpage. So make a habit of keeping your content regularly updated because an updated content is the best indicator for a good website. So try keeping it informative so that it can cope up with the advancing technical world.

3) Maintain a link-worthy webpage– We are all in a rush in this improving world.  So try to directly mention the names of the other sites that you are referring to in your website and avoid using those “click here” links. The readers tend to get distracted towards other WebPages if your site cannot provide them with the needed topics and subtopics. So you must try to refer the names of important links in the subtopics itself to maintain the flow of the subject.

4) Using alt tags– Always try to describe your visual media with alternative texts as that help to locate your page at the search engine which is really crucial. A first impression is always attractive to your readers.

5) Keyword Research– All website optimization begins with successful Keyword search. You must have a good understanding of  the current search landscape and keywords and also re-evaluate this to create a fruitful strategy for your company.

6) Speed it up– You definitely do not want your webpage to be penalized for its slow speed. Regularly updated contents and new videos can slow down the speed of your page and we all know that our busy schedule don not provide us with the adequate patience and time to wait. Readers will tend to divert their attention to other webpages while your webpage fails to open fast. Luckily enough, we have got some tools such as Google Speed Insight that will help to speed up our overloaded webpage.

7) Update your page titles– Most webpages contain the business name of the creator. Try to create a more impressive tag line or title that draws the attention of the user. Any slogan or quotation along with the business name can be incorporated to update the title of the webpage.         These few steps will definitely help to build up a consistently impressive webpage by improving the SEO. So make sure to help your website in its journey towards success specially when there is a constant competition among several sites at the search engine